6 Green Spring Cleaning Tips + Funtastic Friday Link Up

Six Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Happy Spring!!  I’m so excited that spring is finally here.  This time of year always tends to inspire cleaning sprees, and for good reason.  This week, I’m excited to present a great guest post from Faith Middleton with some fantastic green cleaning tips.  Faith is a professional cleaner at Carpet Cleaner Kensington who knows how harsh and health-unfriendly cleaning detergents cand be. Being green really helped her and her family to be healthier and environmentally cautious. And it’s frugal too!

What is your favorite green cleaning tip?

Also, don’t miss this week’s Funtastic Friday link party below!  Here’s Faith:

After the endless winter, stuck in your messy home, the long-awaited summer is approaching. Open your heart and windows, and accept the first beams of the spring sun. With the changing of the season, you need to consider the changing of the look of your home. Provide it with a more welcoming and de-cluttered atmosphere and sanitize deeply. In this way, you will be completely ready for the hot and sunny days, without any mess and dirt spoiling your mood.

The deep seasonal cleaning calls for a lot of scrubbing. The easiest way is just to run to the nearest shop and buy all kinds of cleaning chemicals, which can harm your health. The main purpose of this article is to provide some alternatives. Let’s learn some efficient and inexpensive ways of sanitizing, without stuffing your home with toxic fumes.

It is not hard at all to prepare your own cleaning detergents with all-natural products. You just need some time to inform yourself and prepare. But once you do, you will be impressed with the power of natural cleaning.

Before you begin, you need to supply yourself with rubber gloves, spray bottles, baking soda, white vinegar, and cleaning clothes. These are the main participants in organic bio-cleaning. There are a lot of recipes for creating detergent at home, so choose what fits best to your needs.

  1. Baking soda and white vinegar have are natural deodorizers and disinfectants, but you should bear in mind the abrasive nature of soda. Be aware that you cannot apply it on fragile surfaces, since it may leave scratches. You can make a thick paste out of it, by mixing it with water, but the consistency of the soda by itself is grainy.  The white vinegar can be applied on almost any surface because it is liquid and it cannot harm the surfaces. Usually, the mixture between soda and vinegar equals a small chemical reaction and the vinegar starts to fuzz. But it is the best disinfectant and cleaning solution for dried surfaces. You can sanitize your stove top, kitchen counter tops and even unclog the drain with the help of this simple mixture.
  2. Against the stubborn mildew in the bathroom, the power of vinegar is unrivaled. Moreover, it prevents mold from re-appearing in the future and cleans all stains.
  3. To sanitize your wooden furniture and get rid out of annoying rings left by glasses, carpet cleaner Kensington says you can use olive oil and lemon juice. It will bring a shining look to the valuable piece of furniture.
  4. Glasses and mirrors gleam with cleanliness with isopropyl alcohol. Use a kitchen towel, which is soft. In this way, no streaks will remain. The other thing, which you can use, is a mixture of 50 ml of white vinegar and a cup of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use lint-free cloth.
  5. Your toilet will be completely disinfected and clean only with a simple sprinkle of baking soda. Then scrub with the toilet brush, leave it to stand like that for half an hour, rinse and see the whiteness of your toilet. Yes, it is as simple as that!
  6. The vinegar has a strong smell, but when it evaporates, it deodorizes gently. If you can’t stand the vinegary smell, you can always add you favorite essential oils, and even mix different fragrances. Some essential oils have also cleaning power. For instance, lemon and tea tree oils have anti-bacterial properties. Pine oil is the main ingredient of the most common cleaners. There are many essential oils on the market, and not all are pure essential oils. Choose carefully which are best for you and improve the smell and the cleaning efficiency of your homemade detergents and cleaners.

Get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed by the seasonal cleaning and take the control in your hands. This will improve a pleasant and bacteria-free atmosphere at home. Commercial detergents are usually a chemical bomb for your home and on top of it all, most of them cost an arm and a leg. Why spend your savings, when you can have excellent results with homemade and chemical-free detergents? Best of all, you can find most of the ingredients in your pantry!

Thanks for sharing your green cleaning tips, Faith!  Now, on to our link party!



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