Getting Settled + Entertainment Center + Funtastic Friday

Yikes!  I’m not sure where the days keep going, but I finally feel like we’re really starting to settle into our new home and community.  The past few days, I’ve been trying to figure out all of our bills.  I know, everyone’s favorite topic!!  But moving from one state to another, making sure everything gets set up in our name, making sure everything is paid up at our previous home (plus, now that we’re landlords ourselves, making sure the mortgage gets paid on time from 3 hours away was a little tricky too!).

To help myself keep everything sorted, I’m making a new page in my bullet journal with a list of all the new utility companies and their info, what day the bills are due, etc.  It’s at times like this that my bullet journal is truly a lifesaver!  

Another way I’m keeping myself organized these days is by meal planning!  Now that we live in a “big city,” There are literally dozens of grocery stores to choose from, plus about a thousand AMAZING sounding restaurants that I want to try.  So, to keep myself from going to every grocery store every day just because I can, I’ve started being really intentional about planning my meals.  I found this post by The Bewitchin Kitchen to be incredibly helpful with my meal planning and chose it as my feature this week for the Funtastic Friday Link Party.  Be sure to hop over to her blog for lots of great recipes and helpful healthy eating ideas!

We have been having fun building some shelving and extra storage to help organize all of our stuff.  The house we moved into is smaller than our other house, so we’ve had to get a little bit creative.  This past weekend, we finished building and staining this entertainment center.  Once it was done, it was wonderful to unpack the rest of the boxes lurking in the living room!   (Please note: this post contains affiliate links.  If you should click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Please read my full disclosure here.)

Entertainment Center

We also built a white melamine shelf in our kitchen, and I learned how to apply melamine edging.  It turned out pretty cool and was surprisingly easy to do.  I’m thinking there may be a blog post in that!

And now, on to the Link Party!  Thanks for joining us!




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