Krazy Kid Fun

My day job is a little “Krazy”.  I work as Programming Coordinator for a very small Children’s Museum.  Some days I run the front desk, greeting people and checking in members.  Some days I coordinate and somehow pull off big events with hundreds of attendees.  This is only possible because I work with an awesome group of people, including my Executive Director, a great Board of Directors, and lots of wonderful volunteers.

This page will have some info on my work with kids, how to engage them, and how to create events for kids.  We’ll also touch on volunteering, working with volunteers, and how beneficial volunteering can be for middle school and high school students.

I’ve also worked with multiple kid’s ministries in local churches.  Hopefully, I can share some insight that will help you out, whether you’re a teacher, a children’s ministry leader, or like me, working in a non-profit that provides fun, educational activities for kids!