Marriage & Relationships

Once upon a time, a young lady of 13 got tired of the drama between her peers.  She grew irritated by the constant bickering and fighting between the rest of the girls her age.  She found it hard to keep track of who was dating who, who was fighting with whom, and so on.  She realized she wanted something different.

This was me, almost 20 years ago.  I watched my peers struggle to understand who they were as they got entangled in many unhealthy and premature relationships.  I knew, somehow, that I wanted a different way.  At 13, I chose to be different.

It wasn’t always easy!  In fact, it was usually pretty hard.  I made a commitment that I wouldn’t date anyone until God sent my Mr. Right into my life.  14 years later…I married my first boyfriend, the only man I’ve ever kissed.

I’ll be sharing our full love story soon on the blog.  Stay tuned!