11 Awesome Chocolate Mint Treats You Will Want to Try This St. Patrick’s Day + Funtastic Friday

Chocolate Mint Treats

Chocolate, Mint, and St. Patrick’s Day

I love Chocolate.  A Lot.  And I love mint.  And I really like them mixed together.  With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I think I can find all kinds of excuses to have chocolate mint treats.  I enjoy a great (non-alcoholic) Grasshopper Latte anytime, and Peppermint Patties are probably my favorite candy. Continue reading →

We’ve Arrived! And Funtastic Friday Link Party 115

Hey there!  If you’ve been following my blog or social media at all lately, you know that my hubby, our cats, and I just moved.  It’s a little bit of a crazy story, but the short version is that we’ve been talking about a move for the last year.  We weren’t sure about when, or where, but we were feeling that it was time to move on.

At the beginning of the year, we started talking about me leaving my job at the Children’s Museum and writing full time.  We also started talking about whether to put our house on the market or not and decided it wasn’t time for that yet.  We still had quite a few projects we needed to finish before selling. Continue reading →

Funtastic Friday 114



Welcome to Funtastic Friday 114! Did you have a special Valentine’s Day? I didn’t get to see my hubby, since we were in separate states (enduring the last few days before our final move!), but we’re making up for it tonight, now that he’s here to help finish the last few house projects and pack the last few things before we leave for good Saturday! Continue reading →

6 Essential Moving Tips and Tricks + Funtastic Friday 113

Have you ever moved?  Chances are, you’ve moved at least once in your life.  My hubby and I are in the middle of our biggest move since we got married 5 years ago!  It’s also the biggest move of my life.  He’s moved several times, but I had lived in the same place pretty much my whole life.

When we got married, we moved about an hour away from where I grew up.  Two years later, we packed everything up and moved back to my hometown so my husband could help my brother with our family business during an especially busy season.  At the time, we’d planned on staying here for just a few months before moving on, so everything went into storage and we stayed in a camp trailer on my mom’s property for a few months.   Continue reading →

One Year in my Bullet Journal – Lessons Learned, and Why I Will Always Keep a Journal Now

One Year Bullet Journal Anniversary

More than a Diary

My grandmother always kept a diary.  I always admired that she kept such good track of everything that happened.  After her passing, I remember my aunt looking up certain dates in her journals to settle details from an event in the past.  I tried to keep a diary myself from time to time, but I didn’t keep up with it regularly. Continue reading →

Top 7 Favorite Valentines Ideas + Funtastic Friday Link Party 112

7 Favorite Valentine's Ideas!

I’ve been enjoying all the amazing Valentines Ideas that are being shared around the internet this time of year.  Valentines has always been one of my favorite holidays (probably because I really, really love chocolate…).

My sweet hubby has always made sure Valentine’s Day is extra special.  In fact, he has a tradition of sneaking into my office early in the morning and filling it up with balloons.  He’s been doing this since before we got married.  This year, it’s likely that we won’t be in the same state on Valentine’s Day, so he got started early this year by traveling three hours back from our new location and bringing me roses and chocolates on an evening when I wasn’t expecting to see him! Continue reading →

Funtastic Friday 111


Welcome to Funtastic Friday 111! I hope you’ve had an amazing week!  I’m wrapping up my day at the Children’s Museum where I work, and thinking about all the craziness that’s going on in my life.  My husband just accepted a job in a new city and is on his way there tonight to do some cleaning and set up utilities in our new house.  I get to work the next few days finishing up a lot of projects here at the Children’s Museum and pack and clean our house to prepare it for renters.  Phew!

Do you have any tried and true moving advice?  I’d love to hear from you.  No two moves are ever the same, and ours will be challenging as we finish some remodel projects here on our house while my husband is working in another state and commuting home on the weekends to pick up loads of stuff. Continue reading →

New Birthday Card Designs for Family Birthdays

New Birthday Card Designs for Family Birthdays this Month

Supplies for Birthday Cards

My Mom, my cousin, and my cousin’s little girl all have birthdays within a month.  This past weekend, we had a big birthday party for everyone, so I made 3 Birthday Cards.  The design process is my favorite part of creating greeting cards.   Continue reading →

Funtastic Friday 110



Welcome to Funtastic Friday 110!  This week has flown by even quicker than usual, so there has been some radio silence on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram.  Real life just kinda gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it?  I’m planning a Super Spy Party for the Children’s Museum where I work, and my hubby and I are digging down for full-speed-ahead momentum on the last phases of our remodel.  We also have family coming for the weekend, and we are going to be moving soon!!  Yikes…!!!  Do you have any amazing moving tips and tricks? Continue reading →

Funtastic Friday 109



Welcome to Funtastic Friday 109! Hey there, friends!!  Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only a month away?  I can’t!  Seriously, I’d better start thinking about it.  I’m unfortunately a last minute person, so I’ll be checking out your Valentine’s Day ideas!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been snowed in all week!  There’s been 300% more snowfall in my home town than on a normal year, and if we didn’t have 4 wheel drive vehicles, I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere!  Who else has been “snowed in?” Continue reading →