Reflections: Be Present and Thoughtful

Take Time to Be Present

The past few weeks have been so challenging and busy for us…Just when you think life is going to slow down a little and you might be able to catch up – things take off at super speed!  Yikes!!  In just the past two weeks, we’ve done some major upkeep projects on our home in Pendleton, my hubby has built a set of custom cabinets for one of our landlord’s rentals (he’ll be painting and installing them soon!), I’ve taken on major design and marketing work at my job, and we are both working full time.  

Also, I’ve found out recently that I’m dealing with pretty severe adrenal fatigue, an underactive thyroid, and a few other things that have contributed to me being in a constant state of exhaustion.  Now that I know what’s going on, I’m able to take steps to address the problems.  I’m blessed to work at a naturopathic clinic where I have access to amazing health care and am learning how to help my body function properly again.

Am I getting to do everything I want to?  No.  I’d love to spend a lot more time here, on the blog, building and growing this lovely online space into what I’ve dreamed of.  I’d love to spend time outside planting a garden.  I’d love to spend hours crafting and creating, but I just don’t have the time to do everything I want to do!

But for now, I’m going to enjoy life as it comes.  Two days ago, my husband happened on the scene of a motorcycle accident just minutes after it occurred.  He was able to help the man who had crashed, keeping him hydrated and cool until the paramedics arrived.  We then found out that this gentleman (Mark) was riding from Arizona to the Oregon Coast.  He has no friends or family nearby, so my wonderful husband adopted him.  He picked up Mark’s bike from the tow yard since there was no one else who could.  Mark is stuck in the hospital with broken ribs and a few other injuries, so Adam has made sure he got his clothes, and that his bike and belongings were safe.

This experience has compelled us both to stop and realize that life can be short.  It’s ok to stop what you’re doing and be there for someone else.  Mark has no one here in Boise.  His closest family is in California.  However, he now has a life-long friend who has given far above and beyond the expected.  Mark will never forget the kindness he experienced, and we will never forget the precious lessons we have learned, either.

As summer approaches, be present and be thoughtful.  Don’t take your loved one for granted, and don’t get so caught up in doing that you forget to be.  Soak in the moment and live well!



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