Yoda & Spock – Cool Cats

This is the online home of Yoda and Spock, our two fat cats.

I’m sorry, this page is not about my love for geeky Sci-Fi…Although I do love Sci-Fi!

So without further ado, meet the felines who keep me grounded on the lighter side of life:



Meet Yoda.  His mad skills include moth-snatching like a ninja and turning on loads of charm whenever food is involved.  We’ve had Yoda since birth.  He stole our hearts when he was tiny, and he is our little buddy!



Meet Spock.  His skill set mainly revolves around lots of meowing.  He also eats spiders, saving my life often.   Spock is a rescue from a local shelter.  He bumbled his way right into our hearts as well, and he and Yoda are best of friends.

These two furry friends provide hours of entertainment and fun.  My hubby and I are always sharing pics of one or the other (or both) on Facebook with their escapades and the two furry little rascals have become a little bit famous among our friends.

Everyone who knows us knows that we love our cats.  They even have #hashtags of their own: #theadventuresofyoda and #thelifeofspock.  Yep, we’re those people…