Fall Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Tricks

Fall Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Tricks

Wow, it’s already mid-October…I have no idea how that happened!  The past few weeks have been insanely busy as I’ve been building up a new position at work and put together a huge event.  Unfortunately, that means I’ve been a little absent over here in the blog world.

Today, I’m happy to share some fall cleaning and organizing tips from Zowie Ashton, a freelance writer who owns a small business in London.  Zowie is passionate about home improvement, cleaning, and organizing.

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Getting ready for fall – cleaning and organizing tips and tricks

Shelves at the supermarket are filled with pumpkins and school supplies. Summer was hot, filled with positive vibes and fun, but now it’s time to prepare yourself and your home for the holiday season. Fall is finally here.

Fall is the second busiest season after spring in terms of cleaning.  In fact, it’s the perfect time for a thorough “spring” cleaning! Face it – you’ll have to clean even if you don’t want to.  However, you’ll make your winter a lot more pleasant if you are able to welcome the cold days inside a sparkling clean home with a cup of hot chocolate.

To prepare for the holiday season, you’ll need to deep clean your home. If you don’t have a plan, it may take you a whole month.  Or it will just take a few days if you follow these simple tips

Outdoor cleaning

One of the biggest struggles in your fall cleaning will be to clean up after summer. The first step is to clean up all kids’ toys and put the inflatable pool away.

Next, rake all leaves, and trim the grass.  Make sure to clean out your gutters, too.  Dirty gutters can cause roof leaks, damage the wooden frame of your roof, and promote insect infestation.  And before you come inside, check your chimney and clean it if necessary.

Check your windows’ caulking – it’s estimated that cracked window caulking can cause up to 15 percent heat loss! If you don’t want to pay an inflated power bill throughout the winter months, you will want to fix any cracked window caulking.

Indoor cleaning

Now that you’re all done outside, it’s time to clean and organize the inside of your home. Deal with clutter and donate the stuff you don’t need.

If you have children, then fall is extra busy for you. Create a study area for your children and help them keep track of their studying process.  It’s easiest if you have them make a schedule themselves and work to stick to it.

Check your roof for leaks, check pipes (if possible) and in the case of any problems, carry out the necessary repairs. Replace batteries of smoke detectors and the like. My personal recommendation – act smart and plan ahead. It’s better to deal with problems while it’s still warm outside because once winter settles, it’ll be far more difficult to carry out any repairs on your home.


With the new season just around the corner, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the holiday season. Time to bring out the fall decorations and accessories and prepare your wardrobe for the winter.

Sort your summer clothes according to style, type, and color and put them away in storage bags or totes. Bring out your coats, boots, hats, and scarves. My advice: save space by adding an extra clothes rack, and use a hanging shoe rack to store your accessories.

How to prepare for the winter

Get all your fall cleaning done so that you can welcome winter more easily. I would recommend that you book upholstery and carpet cleaning services – professionals will get rid of all bacteria, germs, and allergens which your carpets and upholstery house and you’ll be sure that your indoor air is pure.

Introduce indoor plants – they are vital for pure indoor air. Make it more pleasant to stay inside by bringing out quilts and blankets and making them an important part of your interior.

Last, but not least, clean your windows. Since you won’t see much of the sun during winter, you should ensure that whenever the sun shines, it’s rays can reach the inside of your home.

Thanks for these helpful tips, Zowie!

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